The Trace Apr. 2024 It’s Hard to Implement Red Flag Laws. A New National Center Is Meant to Make It Easier.

On a March 23 visit to Parkland, Florida, Vice President Kamala Harris announced the launch of a resource hub to help make extreme risk protection order laws more effective. Here’s what we know.

The Guardian Mar. 2024 Kamala Harris announces new office to implement ‘red flag’ gun control laws

Vice President launches national resource center at site of 2018 Florida school shooting where 17 were killed. The resource center will help state and local governments ‘optimize’ the use of red flag laws, Harris said.

Politico Mar. 2024 Kamala Harris announced the launch of the first-ever National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center.

Vice President announced on Saturday the launch of the first-ever National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center, which will support states in the implementation of red flag laws. The center, funded by the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and run by the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions, will provide training and technical assistance to … Mar. 2024 How are ‘red flag’ laws used in Maryland?

Extreme Risk Protection Orders temporarily remove firearms from someone at risk of harming themselves or others. How can they be a tool to prevent domestic violence? How are ‘red flag’ laws working in Maryland?

Portland Press Herald Feb. 2024 Opinion: More must be done to improve Maine’s yellow flag law

We cannot hope to save lives with more half measures.

The Commonwealth Fund Jan. 2024 How Health Care Providers Can Respond to Gun Violence

Making it easier to act on threats of violence by reducing administrative barriers.

Public Health On Call Nov. 2023 Red Flag Laws, Maine’s “Yellow Flag” Law, and Preventing Gun Violence Through Policy Rockefeller Institute of Government Jun. 2023 A Critical Opportunity for Extreme Risk Protection Order Implementation Washington Post Aug. 2022 Red-flag gun laws save lives

The Aug. 25 Metro article “Gun seizures under District’s red-flag law remain low” painted a promising picture of extreme-risk protection order (ERPO) implementation in D.C. Challenges to ERPO implementation are common.